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Video editing

We make video editing of any complexity and subject matter. You will receive material that is completely ready to publish.


Voice over

42 professional voice actors are ready to adapt and dub your video into any language.


Channel analythics

We dive into your channel strategy, study your channel's metrics in detail, and give recommendations for growth and development. We keep you up-to-date on trends in your sphere.


Graphic Design

We create top-notch designs of thumbnails, banners, logos, and social media posts.


2D Animation and Motion

Bring your videos to life with 2D animation and visual effects. We will help you create recognizable characters, locations, and art styles that will excite and captivate your viewers.


Operational management

We help you by handling any aspects of your business to optimize your performance, profitability, and time management.

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What clients say About levincast

Haley Ostir

Founder at Fantasy Ballet

New York, USA

I’m so thankful to have found Levincast when I did. They have continually gone above and beyond with any project I’ve thrown their way. I was early on in the process of my YouTube channel and can’t imagine what the end result would have been if I hadn’t have found them so early on in my process. They take all of my requests with ease and excitement. Any revisions (if any) are always done effortlessly and never questioned! 5 out of 5 would recommend. Great communication, excellent talent, overall an fabulous company to work with! I can’t imagine using anyone else at this point.


Yara Baghdad

Regional Retail Academy Manager at Chalhoub Group

Dubai, UAE

Making high-end video courses is a huge need for me to make my work smooth and achieve my objectives in educating my teams. Levincast and its professionals have been a true blessing for me, freeing me from hassle and adding value to my career with their top-notch videos and voice over.


Suhein Beck

Owner & CEO at Elaj

California, USA

Levincast is everything you'd want from a YouTube specialist. Fast, quick to respond and they do great workin editing, voice over, managing my channel, and making my social media posts to help me achieve my goals.


Our work

The Levincast blog


In this article, we have made a guide on how to easily and quickly set up and implement your YouTube account. In addition, you will learn how to optimize your channel to improve your standing in YouTube’s ranking algorithms.

15 August 2022


In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best free materials and tools for you to use to edit your YouTube videos.

14 June 2022


We have put together a guide on how to best edit YouTube videos. It includes tips for preparing for video production, an overview of the best editing software, making a YouTube video pipeline from start to finish, and some tips for getting more creative with your videos.

14 June 2022

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