What clients say about us

Haley Ostir

Founder at Fantasy Ballet

New York, USA

“ I’m so thankful to have found Levincast when I did. They have continually gone above and beyond with any project I’ve thrown their way. I was early on in the process of my YouTube channel and can’t imagine what the end result would have been if I hadn’t have found them so early on in my process. They take all of my requests with ease and excitement. Any revisions (if any) are always done effortlessly and never questioned! 5 out of 5 would recommend. Great communication, excellent talent, overall an fabulous company to work with! I can’t imagine using anyone else at this point. “

Yara Baghdad

Regional Retail Academy Manager at Chalhoub Group

Dubai, UAE

“ Making high-end video courses is a huge need for me to make my work smooth and achieve my objectives in educating my teams. Levincast and its professionals have been a true blessing for me, freeing me from hassle and adding value to my career with their top-notch videos and voice over. “

Suhein Beck

Owner & CEO at Elaj

California, USA

“ Levincast is everything you'd want from a YouTube specialist. Fast, quick to respond and they do great workin editing, voice over, managing my channel, and making my social media posts to help me achieve my goals. “