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Video editing

Whether you're an experienced creator or just starting out, we've got you covered with our retention-focused video-editing services

Hours to shoot
Hours to edit

How we help


Selecting material

We pick the best of what you've shot to make the final version of the video engaging



Framing is one of the most important things to make a video look incredible



You get music, sounds, graphics, color correction, and everything else you need to create the best quality video



In the end, you get a video that is completely ready for publication

What clients say about us

Sinan Fandi

Senior Sales Advisor,

Levincast team helps me greatly with an important aspect of my job which is creating customised high-end reels and stories for social media.

Levincast go above and beyond with any project I throw their way. They take all of my requests with ease and excitement. Great communication.

Haley Ostir photo

Haley Ostir

Fantasy Ballet

Levincast and its professionals have been a true blessing for me, freeing me from hassle and adding value to my career.

Yara Baghdad photo

Yara Baghdad

Regional Retail Manager,
Chalhoub Group

Levincast is everything you'd want from a YouTube specialist. Fast, quick to respond and they do great workin editing, and to help me achieve my goals.

Suhein Beck photo

Suhein Beck

Owner & CEO,

We’ve been looking for a team like Levincast since the beginning of our channel: The Marek Show. Professional approach, extensive experience, adhere to deadlines. By far the best company we have found in the industry.

Mikaela Bene photo

Mikaela Bene

Kids’ Channel

Levincast is super good! It's a pleasure to work with them! Real professionals at all stages of creating the content. They feel the customer, understand what is needed and exceed all expectations.

Ilnur Ismagilov photo

Ilnur Ismagilov

Kids’ Channel

Levincast is the best team of video editors.They're always willing to do revisions and improvements, and they're very polite and responsive. I'm very happy to cooperate with such real professionals like them.

Christina Tsartsidou photo

Christina Tsartsidou

Entertainment Channel

We would like to share our opinion and express our gratitude to Levincast for their high-quality work, punctuality and amazing service!

Michael Wimmer photo

Michael Wimmer

Kids’ Channel

We are very pleased with the work provided by Levincast. We have been working with them for several years since the very beginning of the creation of our channel, we trust them highly. They consistently do a great job!

Alina photo


"Hey Dana" Channel


Individual style

We rely on your personal vision and tailor our editing style to your needs and requests

From drafts to finals

Full cycle of video creation in one team so you don't need to manage multiple processes and people

For all networks

Get all the renderings you need to post your video to any social network, including short forms

Just upload it

As simple as that. You provide only the source material and comments, we give you the finished video

Trusted by 100's YouTube creators

From independent content creators to corporate channels, we strive to provide the same quality of service to every client


2d animation
Can you make 3d graphics?
No, we mainly focus on 2d animation because it's a more popular, easy-to-use, and less expensive style of graphics.
I have pictures, can you animate them?
Yes, absolutely. We can either make the video from scratch or work with your assets and make them live.
Can you delete my videos or channel?
No, we only work with a type of access that allows us to upload videos, thumbnails, and meta-data.
Channel analysis
Will it help me improve my channel performance?
Yes, and the final numbers depend on the amount of improvements we find needed. It might be as small as a list of recommendations and as large as a daily or weekly optimization process for the whole content of the channel which will result in continuous improvement.
How long does it take?
We take 1 week for a complete channel review, cross-topic trending analysis and SEO analysis.
Voice over
Can you provide voices of multiple ages and genders?
Absolutely, we do have male and female talents of different ages to fit all your dubbing needs.
Does the price include the sync?
For sure, our audio editors will take care of it and make sure to time-sync the audio.
Do I have the right to use the audio anywhere I want?
By purchasing our voice over service, you have the right to use the audio anywhere on the internet. However if you need TV/Radio broadcast rights, please contact us to discuss further.
Graphics design
How long does it take to create a design for a YouTube channel?
Each element takes a certain amount of time depending on the complexity of the idea
Thumbnail 1 day, Logo and banner 3 - 4 days, Individual subscription 1 day
How can I send you the material for the design?
It is advisable to send the source files in pdf or png formats, via email or messenger.
Video editing
How long does it take?
It usually takes up to 4 days for the first video, but mainly we aim to finalize each video in 1-2 days to keep your schedule running smoothly.
Do you make short videos?
We do make videos for any social network and of any complexity and duration.
How much does it cost?
Our prices start from 15$ for a short video and go higher depending on the complexity and the size of your raw footage provided.
Can I have a free custom sample made by you using the materials I provide?
Yes, you can. We provide free test editing of 30 seconds of your material. To get a longer version of the test editing, please contact our team.