Video editing

World-class solutions for video editing

We do video editing of any complexity and subject matter. You will recieve materials that are completely ready to publish.

What we actually do

Educational videos

Interesting videos with high-quality visualization and voice acting will make your YouTube channel unforgettable for viewers.


Presentational video

Sellers, designers, artists and many others love to showcase their skills and products by creating video portfolio that presents their expertise and highlights the work they're proud of.


Kids videos

Catchy, cute, engaging and fun videos for kids YouTube channels using the trendiest elements and effects.


Music videos

We enhance your musical skills with the right sensational music video that will reach the hearts of your audience.


Book Reading

Beautifully put together to engage the viewers and listeners and enhance their experience of audio books along with attractive visuals.


Advertisement videos

Videos that show your customers the way you work, what makes your work different and why they need you.


Let's play

Fun, dynamic, interesting and captivating videos for your YouTube channel.


Events & Activities

Dynamic, energetic and trendy videos of events and activities with colorful warm visual effects and upbeat sound effects and music background.


Recent projects

Favorable rates

Promotional video


  • Video editing
  • Thumbnail
  • Voice over
  • Sound editing
  • Music subscription

Informational video


  • Video editing
  • Voice over
  • Transcription
  • Sound editing
  • Construction of the composition
  • Selection of material

Youtube channel turnkey


  • Logo
  • Banner
  • 3 thumbnails
  • Intro & Outro
  • Like & Subscribe buttons

What clients say about us

Haley Ostir

Founder at Fantasy Ballet

New York, USA

“ I’m so thankful to have found Levincast when I did. They have continually gone above and beyond with any project I’ve thrown their way. I was early on in the process of my YouTube channel and can’t imagine what the end result would have been if I hadn’t have found them so early on in my process. They take all of my requests with ease and excitement. Any revisions (if any) are always done effortlessly and never questioned! 5 out of 5 would recommend. Great communication, excellent talent, overall an fabulous company to work with! I can’t imagine using anyone else at this point. “

Yara Baghdad

Regional Retail Academy Manager at Chalhoub Group

Dubai, UAE

“ Making high-end video courses is a huge need for me to make my work smooth and achieve my objectives in educating my teams. Levincast and its professionals have been a true blessing for me, freeing me from hassle and adding value to my career with their top-notch videos and voice over. “

Suhein Beck

Owner & CEO at Elaj

California, USA

“ Levincast is everything you'd want from a YouTube specialist. Fast, quick to respond and they do great workin editing, voice over, managing my channel, and making my social media posts to help me achieve my goals. “

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