YouTube is a site that has been around for almost 10 years. The very first video uploaded was 19 seconds long. It features YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim talking about elephants at the San Diego Zoo. Much has changed since then. A lot of quality content has been uploaded to the platform. Television and music studios have their own YouTube channels.

Many bloggers hire a professional team to create videos. If you have a YouTube channel, then you are probably editing your videos. In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best free materials and tools for you to use to edit your YouTube videos.

Editing websites for YouTube

Even though editing sites for YouTube are not the main tool for creating professional YouTube videos, it is still a good way to create a simple video. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Biteable is an online platform where users can create videos from the materials available on the platform. The site’s tools include: creating projects, using video and animation templates, an editing studio with a timeline and text creation, and a set of stock videos.

The program has a huge library of templates and graphic elements, and also contains a wide variety of styles to suit any taste.

The site has a free version. You can download the finished video, share it on social networks or upload it to YouTube, but please note that content export is only available in 720p quality and with a watermark.

A paid subscription gives you access to HD-quality exporting without a watermark, even more stock materials, video analytics, the ability to upload as many files as you need, and more.

The site has a video tutorial that shows you how to use the platform.

In summary, Biteable is great for you if you run a channel with explainers and tutorial videos.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a program for making videos quickly and easily. Thousands of beautiful templates, logos, and other useful resources are available to you. In addition, a complete collection of Adobe fonts and Adobe Stock photos are at your disposal.

The program has an intuitive design and great functionality. You can easily perform important tasks, such as:

  • Content resizing
  • Text animations
  • Background removal
  • Inserting a logo
  • Applying various effects

In the editing window, you can upload your videos, formatting them using the timeline tools. Choose the right templates, colors, and fonts and create your own unique videos.

In addition to the above features, you can share fonts, logos, and other elements with your team.

In addition to the free version, there is an Adobe Express Premium plan, which offers a number of advantages:

  • Over 160 million Adobe Stock photos, while the free version has a limited number of photos
  • Premium features, such as cutout refinement, resizing, and graphic groups
  • The ability to schedule content publications on social media sites
  • Converting and exporting different types of files
  • Creating, managing, and sharing your templates and assets with Creative Cloud Libraries;
  • 100 GB of storage (as opposed to 2 GB with the free version).

The premium version costs $9.99 per month. You can take advantage of the free trial to get your first month for free.

The paid version comes with bonuses in the form of access to other Adobe online tools:

In other words, in this version, you pay for one subscription and get access to all these tools.

In addition, the program offers Adobe Express for Education, which is suitable for educational plans. It has everything students and teachers need to tell their story through drawings, photos, and videos.


Kapwing is probably the best site on this list. Kapwing has a number of advantages over similar programs, including:

  • Working with plugins. The company has an assortment of popular plugins on their site, such as Google Drive, Photos, Unsplash, Giphy, Pexels, and more.
  • Smart video editing. Use artificial intelligence features to work with videos faster. Kapwing supports features such as the auto-generation of subtitles, removing backgrounds in one click, and smart translations.
  • The ability to work together. You create a shared link to a project and share it with friends or colleagues. This works much like Google Docs. Anyone with that link will be able to access your project.
  • Speed. You can complete tasks in a couple of clicks. Kapwing has a huge variety of templates and plugins.

The software has many tools. In addition to all the standard video editing features, there are many more (over 80) interesting features, such as:

  • Meme generator
  • Smart cutting
  • Background removal
  • Video rotation
  • Translating and adding subtitles using AI technology
  • Creating animations from an image

Kapwing, like most similar programs, has two plans: paid (Kapwing Pro), and a free version. Naturally, the paid version has its advantages, including:

  • Lack of watermarks
  • 6 GB downloads (versus the 250 MB limit in the free version)
  • 1-hour export limit
  • The ability to export in 1080p resolution
  • Unrestricted video transcriptions

Kapwing Pro costs $24 per month. But if you pay for one year in advance, then it will cost you $16.


Flixier is a cloud-based video editor that makes video editing much faster thanks to a number of features, such as:

  • Fast rendering on any device
  • A large amount of cloud storage,
  • Advanced project-sharing in real-time (you can even get feedback on your videos right in Flixier)

Flixier is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their YouTube channel, create marketing (commercial) videos, or do anything else.

To get started, you need to register.

The built-in library of animated titles and texts allows you to give your videos a professional look in just a few clicks.

The program interface is intuitive. However, the platform has advanced features, including:

  • Picture in picture
  • Color settings
  • A timeline
  • Green screening
  • Various video orientations (horizontal, vertical, square)

Flixier integrates with cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Zoom, Twitch, YouTube and more to import videos and get them ready for editing in seconds.

If you are a novice user, then it is recommended that you go through the built-in video tutorials.

If you are already a professional, then you may need the paid version. It costs $10/month and gives you 5 hours of posting daily, 50 GB of storage, and no watermark. In the free version, you have 10 minutes of posting and 2 GB of storage available to you.

YouTube channels for video editing

Film Riot, Basic Filmmaker, and are some of the best editors on YouTube. These guys definitely have a lot they can teach their audiences.
These channels talk about professional shooting and professional editing, voice acting, lighting, and so on.

Film Riot

Film Riot offers a lot of useful material about creating video content, such as:

  • How to create an expensive video with a small budget
  • How to make homemade filters
  • How to create classic black and white film-style scenes
  • How to remove reflections
  • How to set the right lighting and camera angles and settings
  • And many other helpful tip.

The channel has nearly 2 million subscribers. This suggests that the material is useful and interesting.

Basic Film Maker

Basic Filmmaker is a director’s channel that gives a lot of advice based on rich filmmaking experience.

Some of their most popular videos are Green Screen Secrets, 25 Voiceover Tips, Camera Settings, Sound and Lighting Basics, and Filmmaking Tricks.

The channel is over ten years old. During this time, it has accumulated more than seven million views. Take a look for yourself – there is a lot of useful information. is a channel dedicated to visual effects, editing, and filmmaking using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Every Friday, the host analyzes the technique of editing or creating a popular film or music video.

The creator of the channel works with experienced directors of photography to get up-to-date reliable information from Hollywood. You will be able to create stunning visual effects and motion graphics with simple tutorials.

This was a small overview of programs and YouTube channels that will help you improve your videos. Make the most of these programs and listen to the advice of professional directors and editors as much as possible. Your videos will gradually move to a qualitatively new level.

Of course, it may be that you do not have the time or desire to do video editing yourself. If that is the case, then you should contact us.

We are Levincast Media Company. We have a wide array of editors ready to work for you. For more than 5 years, we have been doing video editing, animation, visual effects, sound design, songwriting, and voice acting in various languages. All Levincast employees are professional, sociable, and friendly. They are ready to make the whole video for you, or any component of it (voice acting, intro, text animations, etc.).

Our team specializes in creating videos for YouTube. We have already made 2000+ videos for over 100 clients and counting.

Contact Levincast and you will get a perfectly edited video. It will be exactly the way you intended, or better!

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